Car Ride: Tuesday

Karla: I told you about even replying to that email. It was a can of worms. Sometimes in life, you gotta listen to your head.

Daniela: Sure Karla I know that, but sometimes in life you have to want to love yourself enough to want to do the thing that’s going to make you love yourself more.

Karla: Who the hell is that supposed to help? It doesn’t even sound like you know what you’re remedying.

Daniela: It’s more complicated than you know. I let my guard down.

Karla: Daniela, the email before it said, “Be careful.” How could you not be careful after a statement like that?

Daniela: Let’s just say I have a blind spot that isn’t nearly as gaping as the one that let you think a lane switch wouldn’t completely cut that guy off.

Karla: What g–

Dialogue is tough.

Focus on the road. Save a life.

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