The Coffee Video Comment

(Notes written in a comment board of a Youtube video that plays coffeehouse music so I can relieve my stress)

Right now even if my stomach feels the intrusive knot, it doesn’t have to remain tied up. This is the untangling and nothing can be pulled away other than what causes the knot. There will be no frays and no further complication. It’s all simple. It’s all simple. Just trust me. I know there may have been more at one time but now there isn’t. I needed and wanted to grow and stretch through this and now I feel calmer and stronger and even want to be more present in moments like this rather than running. Some may say writing is running. What really do they know? They know that the feeling can be intimidating and they know everyone is different and they know that life is not always what it seems. So what more do they need to know? That we are alive! Praise God!

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