Boo Hoo/ Cut & Dry

“‘S’cuse me ma’am. I’m lost.

I can’t find grandpa nowhere.”

“Funeral room five.”


Shrimp: Roach of the Sea

What’s lost is mine now.

Now somehow you want it back.

Gotta catch me first.

Fiction Writing

Car Ride: Tuesday

Karla: I told you about even replying to that email. It was a can of worms. Sometimes in life, you gotta listen to your head.

Daniela: Sure Karla I know that, but sometimes in life you have to want to love yourself enough to want to do the thing that’s going to make you love yourself more.

Karla: Who the hell is that supposed to help? It doesn’t even sound like you know what you’re remedying.

Daniela: It’s more complicated than you know. I let my guard down.

Karla: Daniela, the email before it said, “Be careful.” How could you not be careful after a statement like that?

Daniela: Let’s just say I have a blind spot that isn’t nearly as gaping as the one that let you think a lane switch wouldn’t completely cut that guy off.

Karla: What g–

Dialogue is tough.

Focus on the road. Save a life.


Would Old Posts Die Out

Should beasts eat their tail!

Venom… years later, at will

Old posts… not yet dead


Mochi Will Cry

(At the end of the 8 page dog boarding packet)

In two (2) sentences only!!!!!! tell us about your dog:

Hello I’m so sorry, but I have to warn you, you cannot raise your voice above a firm ‘calling to’ at my dog because if you do he will cry incessantly and it sounds so sad it’s maddening and not worth the effort to endure or to explain the backstory. Good luck!


Dr. Einstein’s Bagels

Eczema treatment

Gluten, so happen‘s the cause

“No bagel—thank’s doc.”

creative nonfiction Writing

Morning Egg

It’s still early enough

And I need to get the juices flowing

My fingers and hands stay remarkable still, though I’m an anxious mess each morning

The execution is so key to the end result

The first, loud click is heard throughout my apartment.

Then the next

Before I know it, I’m looking at a short two sentences sure to start a verbal war on Twitter.

I start, “This may be an unpopular opinion and I may be suspended for it…”