We Strive for 5!

Ma’am, it was my sincerest pleasure. Have a lovely day!


Hi, how can I help you?

I want the specials she got. I want stuff.

You can have things too. How can I help you today?

Hmmm… I want a chocolate shake but I only want it with half the chocolate but I’d like you to blend it with whipped cream in the blender.

That sounds nice.

And also no cherry but if you could put a strawberry….cut into a fan on top?

Side of fries would be perfect would that, wouldn’t it?

Yes please.

Yes sir. Ten dollars and fifteen cents total.

Thank you.

Thank you too.

Wow I want what he got.

Well what would you like today?

I want to tell you that I love the way you handle business.

Thank you. I know we really just want to be treated like royal—whoops I mean loyal—loyal customers.

(Both of them) Well, both.

They each catch themselves and laugh.

What would you like, sir?

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